General Outbound (Automated): Sales Sequence / Cadence

A completely automated campaign that’s designed for general use. Whatever type of outbound campaign you need to run, this sequence has you covered and is ready without any hassle.
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Many outbound sales examples feel unnecessarily complicated. Maybe you don’t need to rely on more 30-day outbound sales campaign examples. Maybe you just want an option that’s quick but still high-quality. If you’re looking for simple, you just found your campaign.

Put your outbound prospecting to use without relying on a single manual step or a month-long sequence. Like our “General Outbound” campaign except entirely automated, this sequence is appropriate for any outbound prospect, occasion or circumstance.

Use: No manual steps here. A series of automated emails for a low-touch, high volume campaign to help you stay top of mind with your prospects.

Tips & Tricks: Think of your intro and re-intro emails as the bulk of your messaging. They’ll have the highest word count and the most information. The follow-up steps will bump your bulkier emails back up in your prospect’s inbox, and your multiple-choice email is like a soft breakup before your true breakup.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

If you’re going to keep the “based on your website” line, make sure the area of emphasis you choose is somehow related to the website. Otherwise, choose another channel to research like your prospect’s LinkedIn or Twitter.