General Follow-up: Sales Sequence / Cadence

A simple sequence to eliminate low-value tasks, minimize manual steps, and prevent your prospects from "going dark."
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There are a few reasons that break-up emails tend to see better response rates than intros. One of those reasons is persistence. Sellers abandon a prospect too early, cutting off the opportunity to see conversions. Instead, try again with an excellent follow-up campaign.

Use: Once you’ve cycled through a different campaign and haven’t received any responses, keep trying with this General Follow-Up sequence to continue driving the stacking effect.

Tips & Tricks: Although you’re following up, keep your mentions of “I’ve been reaching out for a while” to a minimum. Instead, use the campaign steps to carve out the details of your solution.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

We recommend not adding any length to this template. During a follow-up campaign, all your messaging should be short. Aim for fewer than 100 words for every email in this campaign.