Closed Lost Re-engage: Sales Sequence / Cadence

Re-engage closed lost accounts to pick up where you left off and discovery if there's new opportunity.
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Target Accounts


Pick up where you left off with a previously qualified lead turned closed lost. This campaign focuses on updating your lead, learning more about their needs and offering support in the form of resources.

Use: A campaign that plays the long game by parsing its touchpoints out over 100 business days to drive engagement with closed lost accounts.

Tips & Tricks: If you weren’t part of the team that interacted with this account before they became closed lost, talk with them first. Ask for a briefing on the account, including their needs, company stats and desired outcome for your solution.

Engagement Channels: Email, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

Your message should sound much less formal if you’re familiar with this account. There’s no need to return to being prim and proper if you’ve already established a relationship with your qualified lead.