Reconnect With Past Interest Sales Sequence Touch Pattern

Sometimes the timing isn’t right. Use this campaign to reconnect with past leads who showed interest in your solutions but never made it to a meeting.
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What happens when a lead shows interest but never makes it to a meeting? Usually, this means there’s interest, but other responsibilities are pulling their focus. As a seller, your responsibility is to give your lead some time and reconnect with them later. Consider this sequence a second opportunity for both you and your lead.

Use: Spread your messaging out through multiple channels over 25 business days to reconnect with leads who had interest but never followed through.

Tips & Tricks: Mention that you’ll try connecting with your lead on LinkedIn in the voicemail you leave on Day 1.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

If you don’t have new features to discuss, focus on fresh content your company has published or case studies from recent clients. You can also take it upon yourself to put together a data-focused one-pager if you prefer to leverage number-heavy social proof.