General Nurture (Automated): Sales Sequence / Cadence

Run a nurture campaign without committing to the time sink of manual steps.
% Auto


No matter how qualified the lead, everyone can use some nurturing. Use this automated campaign for those who don’t provide clear answers, need extra time, or want to see more about your company before scheduling a meet-up.

Use: A quick campaign that sticks with the basics to give leads the information they need and sellers the hands-off approach that busy periods require.

Tips & Tricks: Since this campaign is short, pack it with additional resources like blogs, guidebooks, case studies or other forms of social proof.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

Sometimes, explaining that you’ve tried getting in touch with a lead can feel a little whiney. If you want to send a message without touching on the fact that you haven’t heard back, delete the first sentence of this template and replace it with a more personalized element.