General Outbound: Sales Sequence / Cadence

A multi-channel strategy that mixes manual steps with automatic touches to consistently engage with your prospects in a more personal way.
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Not extreme in any way, The General Outbound Sequence is the perfect fit for virtually every prospect. The touch pattern optimizes for best practices, the touch points incorporate multiple channels and the campaign isn’t a significant time sink for sellers. If you could only use one outbound sequence for the rest of your career, this would be the sequence.

Use: Appropriate for any outbound prospect, occasion or circumstance, we consider this campaign the Swiss Army knife of outbound. The touch pattern’s design helps sellers establish a presence with their prospects without overdoing it.

Tips & Tricks: Drive the stacking effect by being consistent and not missing a step.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

An email template like this should be saved for the right opportunity. It relies on making references to a thought piece or an article your prospect has shared their opinion on. Don't try to force a straightforward, objective piece of writing into this template – it won't work! If you can't find any articles written by your prospect, another option is to include one you think they’ll enjoy. Ask if you can share it and explain why you want their thoughts on it. The key is to focus on positioning your prospect as someone you want to hear from rather than selling anything just yet.