Respond to Demo Requests: Sales Sequence / Cadence

A campaign for inbound leads who requested a demo then went dark - this mix of email and call steps will help get a wayward demo on the calendar.
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Inbound Hot Leads


Inbound selling requires quick yet personalized responses dictated by the inbound lead’s quality and priority level. When it comes to demo requests, your follow-up needs to be top-notch to make the most out of the opportunity.

Use: Book meetings with leads requesting demos using a campaign focused on the importance of a quick response time through multiple channels and lending support.

Tips & Tricks: Aim for a warm, genial tone throughout this campaign’s messaging. Many buyers expect and resent the impersonal pushiness that accompanies demo request follow-ups. Work to offset this expectation by welcoming your lead with the opportunity to ask questions and by providing additional resources before suggesting they schedule their demo with you.  

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

If you’ve had trouble with poor-fit leads requesting demos, swap out a demo agenda with a few qualifying questions. Choose two or three questions that will help you determine if there’s an appropriate use case, like “what problem are you trying to solve?” or “what have you tried in the past?”