A Sales Sequence For Responding To LinkedIn Requests

A short all-email campaign that makes the most of the LinkedIn connection requests sent your way.
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Inbound Leads


Successful sales teams use LinkedIn for prospecting, but sometimes the LinkedIn requests come to you rather than from you. When a lead requests to connect with you on LinkedIn, it’s up to you to discover if there’s interest in your solutions.

Use: When a lead sends you a LinkedIn connection request, follow up with a campaign based on nurturing their interest.

Tips & Tricks: For the highest quality leads, add phone calls and social steps to this campaign by extending it to 21 days and following our “Respond to Content Downloads” touch pattern.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

Short. Sweet. What more could you want from an email? If you want more length, try referring back to something you learned from your lead’s LinkedIn profile. Check out the usual places, like activity, experience, interests, and so on, to find something worth commenting on.