A Sales Sequence For Inbound Leads Interacting With Your Site

A short sequence for reaching out to potential buyers who have viewed content on your website or socials.
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Inbound selling should be considered a general term encompassing the multitude of channels that make up your lead generation arm. With this campaign, you can respond precisely to leads who have watched a video or two on your website, with outreach built around the subject of the videos’ content.

By getting specific about the channels that bring in your leads, you’re better able to tailor your inbound follow-ups to your lead's needs.

Use: Engage with leads who watched a video on your site, providing additional resources and information to gauge interest in learning more.

Tips & Tricks: For the highest quality leads, add phone calls and social steps to this campaign by extending it to 21 days and following our “Respond to Content Downloads” touch pattern.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

A message specifically related to your company’s content should match the tone of your branding. This example email is casual and friendly, which might be inconsistent with the tone of your company or even the video your lead watched. To make the message more formal, use complete sentences, ask more questions and thank your lead for their interest.