Respond to Website Browsing: Sales Sequence / Cadence

An omnichannel campaign with a touch pattern that spans 15 days and prioritizes support-based communication.
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Website Visitors


One of the purest examples of an inbound marketing strategy element is a website. Designed to draw potential customers in, provide answers and provoke engagement, when your website does its job, your response needs to be just as effective.

Use: Respond to those frequenting your website and find out if there’s interest in learning more.

Tips & Tricks: This is where content marketing and inbound marketing strategies converge, so additional content should be at the center of this campaign’s emails. Provide resources that add value for your lead, like blogs, whitepapers or guidebooks, so they can learn more without feeling pushed into a meeting or demo.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

On average, message length correlates negatively with reply rate. In other words, as message length goes up, reply rates go down. Sending an intro email as short and to the point as this one is a safe choice, but if you’d like to add more length and personality, try incorporating personalization elements by researching your lead first. Read up on their company, role, or interests to make logical guesses about why they’re looking into your solution. You can mention your findings in your messaging or include resources relevant to your lead.