General Inbound (Call Heavy): Sales Sequence / Cadence

A general inbound campaign with a burst of call steps for sellers who do their best work over the phone.
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Inbound Leads


You're great over email, even better on the phone. Put that skill to use with any inbound lead with a campaign that emphasizes phone call follow-ups and selling potential customers the old-fashioned way.

Use: A call-heavy inbound sequence with a few automatic emails to get those meetings scheduled.

Tips & Tricks: Add in a voicemail on Day 3 or Day 28 if you have a reliable voicemail script. The secret to sales calls is to listen well, sound natural and keep a consistent tone between your phone conversations and emails.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

For added personalization, reference what brought your lead to you. Was it a blog? Offer to send over another on a similar subject. Did they attend a webinar? Attach the slides or video if they’d like to show a colleague. Challenge yourself to be creative with how you make your outreach about your lead.