General Nurture: Sales Sequence / Cadence

Stay top of mind with prospects over the long haul using messaging that centers around how you can provide value to their business.
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Occasionally some leads will need more nurturing than others. When that’s the case, you need a nurture campaign designed to go at the lead’s pace and provide additional information along the way.

Use: If you’ve had some engagement from a prospect but not as much as you’d like, keep the conversation going with this General Nurture campaign.

Tips & Tricks: Base your messaging on Day 27 and Day 40 around what you find during the LinkedIn research steps that come before your emails on those days.

Engagement Channels: Email, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

For those who prefer sending shorter messages, deleting the second paragraph of this template will do the trick. If you like the length, but the tone isn’t for you, keep the second paragraph and rewrite it with wording that sounds more like you.