Promotion: Blog Post Sales Sequence / Cadence

Share relevant blogs or other recently published content with your leads to spark a conversation around the solutions you offer.
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Your marketing team doesn’t need to be the only department sharing valuable content. Odds are, your company has collateral of interest to your leads. As a bonus, resources from a seller rather than a mass newsletter can feel more personalized.

Use: Share a blog, guidebook or otherwise with leads to who the content is relevant.

Tips & Tricks: Rely on the LinkedIn Research steps to up the quality of the emails that follow.

Engagement Channels: Email, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

Some buyers prefer to permit links sent to them. Usually, this is to protect against phishing scams. You can accommodate this preference by first asking your lead if you can send them the content or only sending the content later in the campaign but still in the same thread.