Trigger Based: Newsworthy Event Sales Sequence / Cadence

A well-rounded campaign with three different channels for engaging with prospects over recent events at their company.
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Finding ways to personalize your outbound sales copy can be tricky, but paying attention to recent news from companies within your industry can help. Doing so will set your messaging apart and signal to your prospect that you believe they’re a fit not because you simply have their email address, but because you’re paying attention to them.

Use: When a company of interest receives an award, is given public recognition or experiences a newsworthy event, use this campaign to reach out and offer congratulations.

Tips & Tricks: Use the LinkedIn Research step on Day 1 to confirm the newsworthy event and its details.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

Tailor the first paragraph of this template to be relevant to whatever the newsworthy event for your prospect was. You could also swap out a case study from a similar company with the value proposition to add an element of social proof instead.