Promotion: Pilot or Trial (Automated): Sales Sequence / Cadence

Offer your leads a trial or pilot of your latest solution to stir interest in your company and learn more about their needs.
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In the same way that recommendations or referrals to your product are powerful, trials or pilots are excellent tools for converting leads to customers. Allow potential buyers to experience your solutions firsthand with a campaign centered around your latest pilot or trial offer.

Use: Offer qualified leads a trial or pilot of your product with an entirely automated campaign.

Tips & Tricks: You’re not going to offer a pilot or trial to everyone, and your prospect should know that. Make it clear in your messaging that they’ve been hand-selected to experience your product for free to help emphasize that your solution is a fit for them.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

Ideally, you’re engaging prospects you’ve already reached out to with this campaign, but if that’s not the case, there are a few things you should add to this intro email. A high level of your company/solution is one and information on why their company looks like a fit for the trial/pilot.