Trigger Based: New Job Status Sales Sequence / Cadence

Reach out and congratulate leads in a new role with a campaign that introduces you as a resource and lays the groundwork for future support.
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Part of understanding your prospects is understanding their work. Show them that you do, even if their role has changed. Stay up-to-date on the careers and companies of the prospects who matter most and be ready to act when something changes with this campaign.

Use: Best for reaching out to prospects who have recently changed their job status.

Tips & Tricks: Your prospect will likely receive a lot of messaging that congratulates them on their new role. To stand out, your messaging should focus on either relevance or entertainment. Choose one, then stick with the theme throughout the campaign.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

Consider customizing the first sentence of this template so it stands out in your lead’s inbox. They’ll likely be seeing a lot of “congratulations,” so find out if there’s a more interesting angle to take. Anything you can mention about their new role?