Post-Event All Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

Events facilitate discussion and sellers continue it through post-event outreach to all registrants, maximizing impact.
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Event Attendees


Events are all about facilitating ongoing discussion- and sellers play a part in continuing the discussion with their outreach that comes after the event. Whether your prospect actually showed up or not, you should always follow up with all registrants to ensure that the impact of the event is maximized.

Use: Regardless of attendance, this campaign is for everyone who registered for your most recent event.

Tips & Tricks: By incorporating a recap, additional resources or an invite to your next event, those with an interest in your solutions will be able to learn more.

Engagement Channels: Email, Call

Example Email

Make it Yours

Keep your product descriptions short to maximize relevance and use your own discretion when deciding how many to include. The template lists three, but if your third product, for example, is significantly less valuable and built out than the other two, then opt out of including it.