Post-Event Attendees Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

Follow up with those who attended your most recent event to continue nurturing the relationship.
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Event Non-Attendees


You’ve gone through the effort of hosting an event. Now it’s time to reap the rewards and generate leads with your event follow-up. Whether you’re thanking attendees, connecting them with others or sending a recap, our “Post-Event Attendees” sequence has you covered.

Use: A hassle-free sequence that uses multiple channels to help you stay in touch with leads who attended your most recent event.

Tips & Tricks: This sales sequence is especially useful because you won’t be scrambling after an event to deal with your follow-ups. You can have the entire campaign prepared before you even arrive at the event itself.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

If you had the opportunity to speak face to face with any leads who attended the event, consider creating a campaign for those leads specifically. In it, offer a free trial of your product to really make your networking actionable and your lead feel like a priority.