Post-Event Non-Attendees (Automated): Sequence Touch Pattern

Keep your company top of mind with those who registered but didn’t attend your event with a campaign that drives re-engagement.
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Event Attendees


Leads who registered but didn’t attend your event aren’t necessarily any further from conversion than those who did attend. Similar to a demo no-show, those who didn’t attend should still hear from you. Make sure they do with our “Post-Event Non-Attendees” sequence.

Use: A sales sequence that emphasizes following up with a recap of event materials as well as additional resources.

Tips & Tricks: Avoid asking the obvious question, “why didn’t you attend?” Instead, focus on finding out more about your prospect’s needs.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

An alternative to this template is deleting the final paragraph. Not only does this shorten the email (which tends to correlate with higher reply rates), it also delays your motive as a seller so to speak. Some leads find mentions of a meeting in an intro email hasty and off-putting. If you agree, send the email without it.