Pre-Event Reminder Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

Keep event attendees in the loop throughout the week leading up to the big day so your company and event stay top of mind.
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Event Attendees


Events help increase visibility for your company and can help generate qualified leads. But sales teams don’t have to wait until after the event to find opportunities with those registered to attend. A pre-event reminder is a sales campaign that helps prepare a prospect for the upcoming event and lays a foundation for future rapport.

Use: Make an upcoming event an opportunity to connect with a prospect registered to attend with a short, one-step per day campaign.

Tips & Tricks: Although the premise of this sequence is to provide information, we recommend aiming to strike a casual tone throughout your outreach. You don’t want to bombard your prospect with so much information that they feel like attending the event will be a heavy lift.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

Take this opportunity to invite your prospect to any pre or post-event get-togethers your team is hosting. Many potential buyers will be interested in a more intimate setting and sellers will benefit from guaranteed face time.