Use A Referral: Sales Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

Get meetings with prospects hovering around your network. If you have a friend or colleague in common, this is the strategy to use.
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Sales referrals are a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and generating revenue- but gaining a referral is only the first step. Being able to effectively put your referral use is equally as important.

When sellers have a referral, they need a plan for using it. Start by using a sales sequence designed with referrals in mind.

Use: Connect with a lead you’ve been referred to.

Tips & Tricks: Consider linking your referral. Doing so verifies what you’re saying without requiring that your lead track down the person you were referred by.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

Whether you refer back to an article LinkedIn post, blog and so on, the point of this template is to supplement your referral with content that relates what you’ve read back to a need for your company. Not every piece of writing relating to your lead or their company will function well in this template, so make sure to choose something that fits rather than forcing something that doesn’t.