Upcoming Renewal Sales Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

This email sequence starts 129 days before the customer's renewal, preparing CS teams to address concerns before a contract ends.
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Active Customers


Not sure how to handle upcoming renewals for your current customers? You don’t want to bug your customers, but you also need to get that contract signed. To get it right, you need a campaign that allows your customer to feel supported and heard long before talking about their renewal.

Use: Discuss an upcoming renewal with a current customer to make sure you’re meeting their needs before getting their contract signed.

Tips & Tricks: Be prepared to add in outreach as necessary. CS teams should always aim to meet the needs of their customers, but this becomes especially important leading up to renewal and requires quite a bit of diligence and attention.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

If your company doesn’t have a help center, provide contact information for those who can support your customer's questions. You could also go the extra mile and write a FAQ sheet and share it with your customers.