Upsell Sales Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

Ensure that your current customers know your higher-tier offerings with an omnichannel campaign that runs for two weeks.
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Active Customers


Designed for free users of your product who would benefit from an upgrade, this campaign is a tool for education, discovery and collaboration.

Use: Check in on a current customer while also creating the opportunity for an upsell.

Tips & Tricks: If your Connection Request hasn’t been accepted by Day 5, consider sending an InMail message as your LinkedIn step.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

This template doesn’t mention the upsell right away, meaning that it won’t come until later in the sequence. But if you’d like to lead with your offer, simply add a sentence like this one to do so, “Would love to learn more about your current status regarding {{!! KEYWORD }} to see if any of our new offerings might be of interest to you.”