Event Invitation Sales Sequence / Cadence Touch Pattern

Whether you’re hosting a webinar, roundtable, conference or otherwise, use this campaign to invite your most relevant leads.
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Event Attendees


You can easily incorporate events into your sales strategy with regie’s “Event Invitation” campaign. Hosting events like webinars, workshops or roundtables is an excellent tool for driving engagement and buzz around your product. It’s also nice to catch a prospect’s attention with an invite.

Use: A short mix of calls and emails for stirring the interest of your prospects in an upcoming event.

Tips & Tricks: Include event information like when and where throughout every campaign step.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

For an extra touch of helpfulness, consider offering to register the prospect yourself or ask if there’s anyone else they’d like you to send the invitation to. If the event occurs annually, add slides or recordings from the year before to provide further context.