General Inbound (Slowed Down): Sales Sequence / Cadence

Engage inbound leads with a persistent but non-pushy touch pattern campaign to provide value without burdening high-quality leads.
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Inbound Leads


When your campaign goals don’t involve a sense of urgency, pace out your phone calls and emails over two months with this general inbound sales campaign that’s slowed down.

Use: A campaign that spans 60 days and multiple channels for an extended inbound selling experience fit for your highest quality leads.

Tips & Tricks: Avoid email copy that launches into a sales pitch. Your lead has shown interest in your solution(s) if you're using this campaign. It’s your job to find out why. Since this campaign is slowed down, you have time to dig into the root of the pain they’re experiencing. Ask questions about their expectations, desired outcomes, and specific needs to make the most out of their inquiry.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

Focus on your lead. All messages should be 100 words or less and written in plain language. Stick to asking questions and make yourself available to move away from email.