General Inbound Sales Sequence / Cadence

A mix of calls and automatic emails to keep you top of mind with your prospects, without the pressure of writing every single email from scratch.
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Inbound Leads


Have trouble finding inbound sales campaign examples that are general enough for real-world use? Maybe you don’t need an inbound campaign explicitly designed for responding to leads who read a blog post, filled out a form, or visited your landing page.

If your inbound lead generation efforts range from fast speed-to-lead responses to extracting qualified leads and potential customers from your target audience- we have a campaign for you. This general inbound campaign will enhance your sales and marketing efforts and your inbound marketing strategy overall.

Use Case: For ramping up inbound sales. A mix of calls and automatic emails to keep you top of mind with your prospects, this inbound sales campaign is designed with a touch pattern that applies to any type of content marketing and inbound follow-up.

Tips & Tricks: A sure-fire way to handle interest in your products or services is to respond quickly with genuine curiosity about your lead’s inquiry. Consider providing content that adds value to your emails. Make yourself available through multiple channels, ask the important questions and be persistent.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

An email template like this should be saved for the right opportunity. It relies on making references to a thought piece or article your prospect has shared their opinion on. Don't try to force a straightforward, objective piece of writing into this template – it won't work! The key is to focus on positioning your prospect as someone you want to hear from rather than selling anything just yet.