General Inbound (Automated): Sales Sequence / Cadence

Don't have the time or team to make calls? This sequence is fully automated to ensure consistent follow-up with prospects, without the manual work.
% Auto
Inbound Leads


Intro blurb: Don't have the time or team to make calls? Add this fully-automated campaign to your inbound sales strategy. Great for smaller teams, this campaign sends automatic emails to consistently follow up with your prospects without the manual work.

Use: A two-week-long campaign that’s 100% email for an auto-pilot experience complete with a referral ask and multiple-choice steps.

Tips & Tricks: Your messaging needs to be airtight when your campaign is fully automated. Doing so means strictly adhering to best practices instead of taking a few liberties as you might in other campaigns. Keep your subject line word count below six words and your body copy to 100 words or less.

Engagement Channels: Email

Example Email

Make it Yours

For added personalization, reference how your lead came to you. Was it a blog? Offer to send over another on a similar subject. Did they attend a webinar? Attach the slides or video so they can show a colleague. Challenge yourself to be creative with how you make your outreach about your lead.