General Inbound (Sped Up): Sales Sequence / Cadence

With fewer touch points over a shorter period of time, this campaign moves faster than a traditional inbound sales sequence.
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Inbound Leads


Put your successful inbound marketing to use without the long-term commitment of a traditional inbound campaign. Potential customers may come to you through your valuable content, digital marketing on social media, email marketing, or any other facet of your inbound marketing focuses.

Respond with a burst of high-touch steps to let your prospect know that answering their questions is among your top priorities.

Use: Treat your target audience to a short, sweet and impactful campaign designed to move quickly and cover the gamut of your inbound marketing strategies.

Tips & Tricks: Your emails should be concise when using a fast-paced campaign like this. Aim for a maximum word count of 60 in each email.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone

Example Email

Make it Yours

Depending on how your lead came to you, the phrase “engaging with our content” might not be accurate. If necessary, swap it out. You can also customize this email’s CTA. Assess whether meeting for a chat is the best next step for your lead and solutions. If not, what is a better choice for your initial CTA?