Acknowledge A Shared Investor: Sales Sequence / Cadence

When your company and a company of interest have an investor in common, acknowledge the similarity to break the ice with a lead and exhibit your credentials.
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Top sales teams know that high-performing sales copy drives value when it's personalized with relevant information. Early on in a sales sequence, personalized copy means information that signals to your prospect that you've done research into their company.

There are many ways sales teams can personalize their copy in order to increase its value, like looking for similarities between your companies. When the company you represent shares an investor with the company of your prospect, acknowledging this similarity in your sales copy is an excellent tool for personalization.

Use: Acknowledge a shared investor in an outbound campaign to include an element of personalization.

Tips & Tricks: Although sharing an investor with a prospect is a valuable tool for personalizing your copy, it shouldn’t be your only focus. As usual, your sales copy should primarily be based on helpful information and discovery questions.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

For an intro email that acknowledges a shared investor more explicitly, throw in a sentence like “Recently learned that {{}} has also been funded by {{!! COMMON VC }}. At {{}}, we’re proud to be able to say the same.” Then you have the opportunity to highlight the information about your company that prompted the shared investor to invest.