Trigger Based: Job Post Sales Sequence / Cadence

Leverage the opportunity behind a company’s job search with a campaign that plays up how your solutions can help.
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Outbound sales emails need personalization; both buyers and sellers agree on that. But it’s not always easy to find a way to personalize your messaging. What else can you do once you’ve covered the basics, like using the lead name, title, and LinkedIn? One option is to pay attention to company job posts. Doing so is a great way to personalize your sales copy and understand the pain points.

Use: For finding opportunities in a prospective company’s job search.

Tips & Tricks: This campaign isn’t only about opportunity. Referencing a company’s job post is also a way to personalize your messaging. Any time you can let your lead know that you wrote the email specifically for them, you’re doing the work that will set you apart.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

Feel free to beef this template up with more information from the job post or with a hyper-customized value proposition. When a company is searching to fill a role, sellers are given a lot of insight into the company’s current environment. Your first email should lean into what you can learn from the post.