Post Demo Follow-up: Sales Sequence / Cadence

Maximize your sales opportunities and ensure that your potential customers receive a buyer-focused follow-up experience with the Post Demo Follow-Up campaign.
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Once you’ve delivered a demo, keeping the conversation going can be tough. And nothing feels worse than dropping the ball and losing the sale. That's where the Post Demo Follow Up Sequence comes in.

This sequence is designed to keep the conversation flowing and move your potential buyers toward a conversion after a successful demo. With this campaign, you can engage your prospects on email, phone and LinkedIn, with optimal timing for each follow up message.

Where to Use It

This straightforward sequence can be used to follow up with your potential customers by email, phone, and LinkedIn.

How to Use It

To make the most out of this sequence:

  • Send the initial follow-up message immediately after the demo to keep the conversation going.
  • Use a personalized tone in all follow-up messages to match the tone of the demo and continue to add value.
  • Share a recording of the demo and any relevant info in order to get buy-in from decision-makers who didn’t attend the demo live.
  • Send your follow-ups at appropriate intervals – every two or three days over a 27 day span – to maintain your potential customers' interest and keep them engaged.
  • Include a clear call-to-action in each follow-up message to elicit a positive response.

Keys to Success

  • Tailor your message to the specific role of the person you're reaching out to, and focus on the pain points and challenges that they’ve mentioned they’re facing.
  • Use emotional language to reiterate key product benefits discussed during the demo that your prospects care about such as streamlining internal processes or reducing costs.
  • Make a clear, simple ask to drive the sales process forward.

Example Email

Make it Yours

The Post Demo Follow-Up should pick up where the demo left off, making your buyers feel like they’re having a seamless, natural conversation with your sales team. By using the Post Demo Follow-Up campaign, you’ll maximize your sales opportunities and keep your potential customers engaged throughout the process.