General Outbound (Sped Up): Sales Sequence / Cadence

A high-density cadence to get meetings set quickly. Using more touchpoints across a shorter period helps create the urgency that’s often necessary for winning a sale.
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Maybe you love The General Outbound Sequence but need something faster. This speedy campaign will help you get meetings booked in less time while still driving the stacking effect. With 13 touch points over 14 days, this is one campaign you’ll be able to get through without missing a step- or compromising the quality of your outreach.

Use: Simply a faster version of our General Outbound, this campaign is appropriate for any prospect you’re trying to reach on a quicker timeline.

Tips & Tricks: Keep your tone consistent throughout the campaign. With so many touch points squeezed into two weeks, sticking to one tone will help your outreach come off as cohesive.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

This template’s tone goes for a bare-bones, straightforward approach. If you’d like to fluff it up, simply add a few friendly words and questions. Just be sure to keep a healthy I: You ratio (we recommend two “yous” for every “I”) and don’t let your word count exceed 100.