Trigger Based: Seasonal Sales Sequence / Cadence

Comment on the time of year and the traditions, holidays or events it brings for cold outreach that’s current and relatable.
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Every year there are a host of seasonal events, traditions, deadlines, and more that present sellers with the opportunity to take a fresh angle on their messaging. Doing so can also mean adding elements of personalization that would otherwise be a bit more difficult.

Use: A campaign for taking advantage of the time of year that uses a mix of channels, including a LinkedIn research step to help ensure you have your information right.

Tips & Tricks: If you wish prospects a happy holiday with this sequence, think critically first. Ask yourself if you’re assuming which holidays they celebrate or if you can respectfully and accurately speak on the subject. Doing so will help you avoid any blunders that holiday wishes can occasionally create.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

Example Email

Make it Yours

This template is easy to customize since you can tailor the resources you choose to include. Consider using it for other seasonal events like a new quarter or a busy month for a specific industry.