Two-Minute Tune Up

Three Tips for Increasing Your Meeting Hold Rate

Matt Millen
Co-Founder & President
Ideally, every prospect shows up to your meetings 100% of the time. But in reality that’s never the case. Check out these 3 tips to improve attendance (and a bonus tip for prospecting).

Getting Prospects to Show Up 101: 3 tips for Increasing your Meeting Hold Rate

Show of hands: How many of you reading this have a 100% meeting show rate? 

For those of you who had your hands up, well done! Teach us your ways. For the rest, we feel you. There is no way to be at 100% all the time but there are ways to close the gap and increase your meeting hold rate.

Join CEO and Co-Founder Matt Millen as he gives you three tips to get prospects to show up to that next meeting or demo.

In this Two-Minute Tune Up, listen as Matt talks you through:

  • How to reinforce the value of the next meeting
  • Exactly when you should be scheduling the next meeting 
  • The ideal length of time between meetings and why

Plus one bonus idea that you can implement in your prospecting efforts today.

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