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Matt Millen
December 8, 2021
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The reality for sales teams is content strategy is consistently the top sales engagement challenge. Planning, creating and delivering content that's optimized for its target audience and abides by best practices is inextricably necessary for conversions.

Thirty-three percent of customers will outright ignore a brand that doesn’t understand their needs and a full 72 percent of buyers will only engage with content that’s personalized to them. Unfortunately, the majority of sales teams fail to fully incorporate best practices like these into their content strategy.

The Regie platform fills a gap in the marketplace that's previously been limited to outsourced pro-serve engagements with a long time to value, lack of content ownership and control, and higher costs. Developing solutions to the unique challenges that exist where modern selling intersects with content creation has guided our growth. We built Regie based on best practices and powered the platform with AI to allow modern sellers to create, store, analyze and optimize their messaging to drive higher engagement.

Today, we’re happy to share how.

Experience the new regie in 118 seconds.

AI that powers enterprise-wide content: the product suite

Content is an enterprise-wide challenge. Each department needs to create, store, analyze and optimize content, while accounting for the unique needs of each team.

Sales and marketing teams need copy that resonates with the right persona to prioritize conversions. The workplace requires content that supports and incorporates diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) best practices. With this variance in mind, Regie products are powered by AI that is integrated with industry best practices to address the content needs of sales and marketing teams with the most relevance, and to provide DEI enabled content to the workplace overall.

Regie for Sales: create, store, analyze and optimize your sales content 

Regie is built to reflect the modern sales team and has workflows to support inbound lead response, outbound prospecting for both SDRs and AEs, follow-up workflows to support AEs and full cycle sellers through the mid-funnel stages.

Today, Regie leverages AI and performant data combined with best practices to deliver highly engaging sales sequences. Regie also has a content management layer to store and organize content. And, for the very first time, provides deep insights into your content strategy that enable analysis and optimization of your campaign performance.

To understand the impact of our new updates, it’s important to first understand the foundational messaging architecture around building campaigns. 

The campaign builder lives in the Regie for Sales product. This is where users are able to create campaigns optimized for their buyers in minutes. Each campaign type is designed to generate the stacking effect for increased engagement and carefully crafted to build relevancy and credibility into the messaging. 

Regie’s ‘3 P’s’ , standing for persona, pain point and value proposition, are the foundational building blocks of every effective campaign. To generate messaging with relevance that penetrates, Regie matches a buyer’s industry, department and job title with a DISC personality profile to write in a buyer’s preferred tone, as well as to generate their most relevant pain points.

Messaging that's relevant via persona and pain point allows the third P, the value proposition, to properly establish credibility. It’s at this point that the campaign builder takes over. After a few customizations, users are instantly shown their entire campaign, and have the ability to browse and edits its content before saving or launching.

In addition to the campaign builder, we’ve enhanced Regie for Sales with the following updates and features to provide users with a fully comprehensive sales engagement platform.

Deep integrations to an ecosystem of communication platforms

An early milestone at Regie was the decision to transform our product into a highly integrated platform to support sellers.

We began partnering with major sales engagement platforms to give Regie direct integrations with an entire ecosystem of communication platforms. Today Regie is deeply integrated with Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot, Slack, Gmail and Google Calendar, for a user experience that incorporates AI and NLP into platforms used by sales teams every day. 

Generate content ideas with your personal AI Assistant

The AI Assistant is designed to supplement our campaign builder for rep-level content needs. It's a platform for defeating writer’s block by generating ideas and for quickly resolving the somewhat random content needs that can arise during the day-to-day.

Research shows reps spend 21% of their week writing emails. With Regie's AI, what might take hours in research and drafting can now be done in seconds, saving more time for a rep's higher value activities.

Choose from one of the AI Assistant applets to generate a cold email subject line, introduction line, value proposition or pain point. The AI Assistant can also be used to support activity on LinkedIn. Users can select applets for generating an InMail message or LinkedIn connection request, with the assurance that all our LinkedIn applets are programmed with LinkedIn's best practices.

Just like the campaign builder, the AI Assistant relies on minimal user input to generate optimized content in seconds.  Read more about the AI Assistant here.

Easily create optimized call scripts with Regie's call script builder 

Innovation at Regie has been customer driven. Customer feedback requested that the same dedication to data, tonality and bias mitigation used in our campaign builder be extended to sales calls, so we created the call script generator. Our call script generator enables sales teams with persona-specific call scripts written directly into their Regie-built sequences. 

This feature also includes scripts designed by sales influencers for options that are already being used and have proven effective in the field. Regardless of the scripts users select, our call script builder means the ability to create, implement and standardize sales calls. 

For more information on the call script generator click here.

Create campaigns with more than 21,000 unique buyer persona variations

Ongoing updates to our campaign builder’s content selections are a core value at Regie. Buyer personas, a major facet of the campaign builder, help sellers understand how the people they’re targeting experience their pain points and how their product or service alleviates them.

A platform that allows its users to create unique messages for its personas provides the advantage of being 2x as likely to meet revenue goals.

Our buyer personas have expanded to include every job title across all industries supported by LinkedIn, even non-managerial positions. A pool of buyer personas this deep means users can personalize over 21,000 different variations of buyer personas. Thus, connections between buyer personas and their qualifiers are reinforced, with 5x the number of departments, 9x the number of industries and 30x the number of supported persona customizations in Regie. 

For more information, click here.

More ways to create and store content

Regie’s blocks feature gives users quick access to stored content for campaigns. Whether it's a user's own content or copy generated by Regie, Blocks provides storage for all the content users prefer to use and analyze.

Under the ‘collateral’ tab, users can upload and access marketing collateral such as infographics, case studies, ebooks and the like.

The uploaded collateral is then available for use in campaigns when it's needed and stored in one designated place when it’s not.

Blocks also contains a ‘voices’ tab that allows users to save subject lines and introduction lines for email. Users can store a collection of subject and introduction lines they’ve created or the Regie-generated lines that are high performers with their most used personas, for a collection of content to draw off during future campaign builds. 

Additional information on updates to our blocks feature is available here.

Now in beta: analyze and optimize your sales content with Regie Insights

Advancement at Regie is currently embodied by our latest project, the Insights platform. Insights allows users to create, analyze and optimize content for a full circle content strategy experience.

This means going further in understanding why specific content is resonating-and where and why it's not-in order to build more effective sales campaigns. 

Users can integrate their SEP to view a full report of their content’s performance to receive deeper insight and analysis of their personas, tone and keywords to determine what is and isn’t working in their campaigns. Underperforming content can be located at its most granular level, providing the ability to supplement the exact areas it’s necessary.

With Insights, users are able to analyze and optimize content performance across all of their sales campaigns in one spot. Currently, Insights is being rolled in private beta to our Outreach customers.

Create and optimize blogs, ad copy and more with Regie for Marketing

Regie for Marketing is an extension of our AI Assistant. Instead of cold email subject lines or value propositions, the AI Assistant that lives within Regie for Marketing provides users with templates designed to generate marketing collateral.

Users can use the AI Assistant for SEO optimized blog titles, blog outlines and blog introduction paragraphs, as well as for ads on Google and Facebook. In regie for Marketing, the AI Assistant is meant to inspire, guide and help write your latest content. Users simply provide a few lines of context and Regie will generate multiple iterations of the copy they’re looking for.

Quite literally, the options are limitless with Regie for Marketing.

Stay on top of DEI initiatives with Regie for Workplace

The AI at Regie is also written to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The third installation in our product suite, Regie for Workplace, brings our DEI initiatives to the customer. Users can stay up to date on inclusive language standards with a vocabulary guidebook that provides easy-to-understand explanations of the words that are helpful or hurtful in both human discourse and branded copy.

Regie for Workplace includes access to a calendar with guidance for celebrating upcoming holidays in the workplace and the ability to screen writing for language that’s inconsistent with DEI best practices.

The future of Regie

Regie is solving the content strategy challenge for teams across multiple departments.

We envision a future of continued commitment to AI that encompasses best practices, a platform that brings customer feedback to life and a product suite that's comprehensive in its content solutions. One where businesses connect to Regie for analysis of their sales messaging, internal documents, website and more, and receive best practice recommendations as well as automatic updates. Because there is a very real need for a full circle approach to content.

If you're finding content to be a challenge, come talk to us. Regie is today's solution to content and we're on our way to the future we envision. Care to join us?

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