Arts And Design


Head count:

Pain Points

Pain point 1

The arts and design department at Tanium has a small headcount, which means they are likely stretched thin and may struggle to keep up with the demands for creative assets and branding materials across the organization. This can lead to burnout, decreased creativity, and challenges in maintaining a consistent brand image.

Pain point 2

As an information technology and services company, Tanium may prioritize cybersecurity and endpoint management over design and branding. This could result in the arts and design department feeling undervalued and lacking the necessary resources and support to effectively carry out their responsibilities.

Pain point 3

Given Tanium's focus on cybersecurity and endpoint management, the arts and design department may face challenges in ensuring that their creative assets comply with security protocols and do not introduce vulnerabilities to the company's systems. This balance between creativity and security can create additional pressure for the department.

A sample email template when selling to this department

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How to win when selling to this department

Understanding the Department's Objectives

Understanding the core objectives of the arts and design department within Tanium is pivotal to providing them with relevant solutions. This department is crucial in maintaining and enhancing the company's brand image and creating creative assets that resonate with Tanium's mission of providing endpoint security. Their goals likely include delivering high-quality, consistent branding materials for various platforms while ensuring these assets are compliant with stringent cybersecurity measures in alignment with the organization’s ethos.

Cultivating Departmental Personas

The typical persona within the arts and design department at Tanium might be that of a creatively-driven individual who values aesthetics but is equally aware of the importance of security in their designs. They are continually balancing artistic expression with the practicalities of working in a tech-focused environment that prioritizes security. These professionals are likely to be open to streamlined workflows that integrate secure design practices without compromising on creativity.

Aligning Solutions with Departmental Needs

To address the arts and design department’s needs at Tanium, solutions should not only enhance their creative capabilities but also streamline their workflow, considering their small headcount. Tools and services that offer template-driven designs which adhere to brand guidelines can help maintain consistency. Additionally, integrating secure collaboration platforms enables them to share files and feedback securely internally or with external stakeholders, respecting the company's strong focus on cybersecurity.

Strategic Relationship Building

Building relationships with this department hinges on demonstrating an understanding of both their creative and security challenges. Sales approaches should involve consultative discussions centered around improving efficiency within the tight-knit team, emphasizing how products or services can alleviate potential burnout and support their mission-critical work. Educating them about evolving security challenges and how your solutions can proactively address these without stifling creativity may build trust and partnership.

Effective Outreach Strategies

Reaching out to the arts and design department should be done through personalized communication that resonates with their dual role in creativity and compliance. Case studies or testimonials from similar industries where branding coupled with cybersecurity was enhanced can be impactful. Highlighting features such as secure file storage, easy-to-implement branded templates, and automated compliance checks will speak to their need for efficiency and security. Touchpoints through professional networks such as LinkedIn may also be effective given Tanium's active presence there.